When, Where & How expensive ?

When and where

The dates for ASO 2024 are February 28 to March 3. The main tournament will run Friday through Sunday. There will be Friendly gaming wednesday-thursday.

The tournament will be held at Danhostel Copenhagen, in Ishøj. 

The Venue

Danhostel Ishøj has served us very well at since ASO 2021. We feel it is a great venue that serves us better than our former venues. There is no plans to change venue.

This is the website of the Danhostel Copenhagen, Ishøj 


The cost to participate, will depend on your preferred accommodations and time of arrival. These price covers the linnen and towels for your room, tournament fees as well as breakfast, lunch, dinners, coffee and snacks until the end of the tournament. 

Note on cost to participate:

The prices listed here are subject to (minor) change as our full cost to arrange the tournament can fluctuate depending on the number of participants and such. Michael will provide the precise price for your participation. The following prices are therefore merely a guideline:

ArrivalCost DKKCost EUR
Wednesday Noon2.210298
Thursday morning1.810244
Thursday after 14.001.670225
Friday morning1.420191
Friday after 14.001.275172
Saturday morning59580
In addition you will have to pay for a room to sleep in. The cost of that depends on how many you are willing to share a room with (rooms include shower and bathroom).

1-person room, Approximately 97 Euros/720 DKK per night per person
2-person room, Approximately 60 Euros/440 DKK per night per person
3-person room, Approximately 47 Euros/345 DKK per night per person
4-person room, Approximately 41 Euros/305 DKK per night per person

Let us know your preferred sleeping accommodations time of arrival and we can confirm a specific price for you. We will handle all arrangements with Danhostel. All you have to do is tell us what you prefer and submit payment to us. 

Payment must be sent to the following paypal-account – hastrupleth@gmail.com

You will be required to pre-register and submit payment up front, via paypal. 

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