PlayerNationalityPointsAvg.Opp.rat.First Loss
Olav HeieNorway151636no loss5 wins
Mattias BergwallSWE13156654 wins 1 loss
Mike McGrathUSA13167324 wins 1 loss
Michael Hastrup-LethDK13165424 wins 1 loss
Kåre JacobsenDK13158714 wins 1 loss
Bjørnar ArstadNorway11171443 wins 2 losses
Jens ThomanderSWE11169143 wins 2 losses
Svante SandblomSWE11166733 wins 2 losses
Thomas HarjoNorway11166733 wins 2 losses
Brian WiersmaUSA11165523 wins 2 losses
Ketil HøgenhaugNorway11160423 wins 2 losses
Arnaud SanchisFrance11158623 wins 2 losses
Olivier DietschFRA11156123 wins 2 losses
Andreas CarlssonSWE11154013 wins 2 losses
Martin HoumøllerDK11153813 wins 2 losses
Jonathan KayCanada9163332 wins 3 losses
Oddgeir DrevdalNorway9161222 wins 3 losses
Niels LarsenDK9168512 wins 3 losses
Carl Alex Friis-NielsenDK9163912 wins 3 losses
Ran ShiloahIsrael9156612 wins 3 losses
Michal SedlackoSlovakia9154812 wins 3 losses
Juan SantacruzSpain9146712 wins 3 losses
Jim BishopUSA8164232 wins 2 losses
Pieter Bas De QvantNetherlands8151912 wins 2 losses
Asad RustumSWE7158911 win 4 losses
Bas Van Der BergNetherlands7157611 win 4 losses
Josh KalmanIsrael7156911 win 4 losses
Jesper OrlandDK7150811 win 4 losses
Øyvind BjørkåsNorway6165811 win 3 losses
Magnus RimvallSWE5154310 win 5 losses
ASO 2023 was a five round tournament.*n games: The player only played n rounds.

Points: 3 points are awarded for a win, and 1 for a draw.

Tiebreaker 1: The tournament round, where the player lost his first game. A round that is not played is an automatic loss.
Tiebreaker 2 (only players who have lost at least one game): The average ASO rating, at the beginning of the tournament, of all opponents the player has played against in the tournament.
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