PlayerNationalityWinsFirst Loss
Michael Hastrup-LethDK5 winsno loss
G.TournemireFRANCE4 wins5
Jonathan KayCAN4 wins4
Toby PillingUK4 wins3
Olivier DietschFRANCE4 wins2
Ketil HøgenhaugNOR4 wins2
Kenneth KnudsenDK4 wins2
Björn LorenzenGER3 wins4
Stefan FiedlerSWE3 wins4
Kåre JacobsenDK3 wins3
Juan Santa CruzESP3 wins3
Rich DomovicUS3 wins3
Ran ShiloahISR3 wins3
Michael HemmingsenDK3 wins2
Andreas CarlssonSWE3 wins2
Jens ThomanderSWE3 wins2
Derek WardDK3 wins2
Magnus RimvallSWE3 wins1
Alex KoestlerHOL3 wins1
Mikko LukkariFIN2 wins1
Thomas HarjoNOR2 wins1
Niels LarsenDK2 wins1
Anders OlssonSWE2 wins1
Oddgeir DrevdalNOR2 wins1
Martin KristensenDK2 wins1
Nils BakkeNOR2 wins1
Josh KalmanISR2 wins3
Michal SedlackoSVK1 win1
Carl-Alex Friis NielsenDK1 win1
Søren SørensenDK1 win1
Sami PelkonenFIN1 win1
ASO 2020 was a five round tournament.

Points: 3 points are awarded for a win

Tiebreaker 1: The tournament round, where the player lost his first game. For tie-breaker purposes a draw counts as a loss. A round that is not played is an automatic loss.
Tiebreaker 2 (only players who have lost at least one game): The average ASO rating, at the beginning of the tournament, of all opponents the player has played against in the tournament.
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