ASO 2012 – Final Standings

PlayerNationalityPointsAvg.Opp.rat.First Loss
Melvin FalkS151670,2no loss
G. TournemireF121698,25
Andreas CarlssonS121673,02
Mattias BergwallS121598,02
Christoffer PeyreS91571,64
Derek WardDK91633,83
Patrik ManligS91631,63
Martin SvärdS91620,82
Carl Alex F NielsenDK91414,41
Jes TouvdalDK71612,23
Tomek KucharskiPL71564,21
Lars KlysnerDK61626,21
Martin kristensenDK61605,21
Olivier DietschF61438,41
Daniel BottemanneEU41519,41
Jakob Nørgaard (4 games)DK41458,81
Göran AnderssonS41450,21
Henrik Sannesson (2 games)S31741,52
Martin Houmøller (2 games)DK31653,52
Bo Siemsen (4 games)DK31639,32
Håkan Nilsson  (2 games)S31571,01
Tomas DavidssonS31482,81
Håkan IsakssonS11518,41
Christopher Hopper  (2 games)S01653,51
ASO 2012 was a five round tournament.

*n games: The player only played n rounds.

Points: 3 points are awarded for a win, and 1 for a draw.
Tiebreaker 1: The tournament round, where the player lost his first game. A round that is not played is an automatic loss.
Tiebreaker 2 (only players who have lost at least one game): The average ASO rating, at the beginning of the tournament, of all opponents the player has played against in the tournament.
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