ASO 2011 – Final Standings

Martin SvärdSweden15no loss1705,8
Melvin FalkSweden1251730,0
Klas MalmströmSweden1241703,2
Bjarne MarellDenmark1241656,8
Peter StruijfHolland1231635,4
Mattias RönnblomSweden1211469,0
Fabrizio de PraItaly931615,4
Mattias BergwallSweden931587,8
Frederik ScheuerSweden921647,6
Christopher PeyreSweden921616,6
Olivier DietschFrance921571,6
Martin KristensenDenmark921558,6
Patrik HyvärinenSweden921472,6
Andreas CarlssonSweden911619,4
Eric BongiovanniFrance911594,4
Tomas DavidssonSweden911521,6
Michiel BongiovanniFrance911518,8
Bo Siemsen (3 games)Denmark9no loss1458,3
Tomek KucharskiPoland721504,0
Bjoern LorenzenGermany711578,2
Michael Hastrup-Leth (4 games)Denmark631613,5
Daniel KalmanIsrael621650,0
Paolo CariolatoItaly611566,6
Erik LeanderSweden611509,8
Lars ThuringSweden611476,8
Stefan NilssonSweden611435,2
Matts DagerhällSweden421564,6
Christopher HopperSweden421508,0
Andreas LarssonSweden411494,6
Håkan NilssonSweden411442,6
Jes Touvdal (2 games)Denmark321675,5
Niels Larsen (4 games)Denmark321587,3
Enrico Catanzaro (4 games)Italy321557,5
Martin Houmøller (2 games)Denmark321500,0
Derek Ward (2 games)Denmark311602,5
Hans Bugge(2 games)Norway311598,5
Armin DeppeGermany311527,8
Jakob Nørgaard(2 games)Denmark311506,5
Carl Alex F NielsenDenmark311471,8
Göran AnderssonSweden311442,4
Patrik Manlig (1 game)Sweden021850,0
Lars Klysner (2 games)Denmark011603,0
Flemming S Christensen(2 games)Denmark011565,0
Håkan Isaksson (3 games)Sweden011429,7
ASO 2011 was a five round tournament.
*n games: The player only played n rounds.

Points: 3 points are awarded for a win, and 1 for a draw.

Tiebreaker 1: The tournament round, where the player lost his first game. A round that is not played is an automatic loss.
Tiebreaker 2 (only players who have lost at least one game): The average ASO rating, at the beginning of the tournament, of all opponents the player has played against in the tournament.
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