ASO 2010 – Final standings

RankNameCountryPointsTiebr. 1Tiebr. 2
1Toby PillingGB15no loss1671,2
2Melvin FalkS1251714,4
3Mattias BergwallS1241602,6
4Bjarne MarellDK1231592,6
5Martin SvärdS1231539,0
6Christopher PeyreS941798,2
7Johan FrödingS931660,6
8Jes TouvdalDK931601,4
9Lars ThuringS931570,6
10Mattias RönnblomS921656,8
11Daniel QvarfordtS921633,4
12Olle GustafssonS921574,8
13Tomasz KucharskiPL921521,6
14Lars KlysnerDK911487,4
15Klas Malmstrom (4 games)S911391,8
16Jakob NørgaardDK711554,4
17Michiel BongiovanniF611651,2
18William HansonDK611544,8
19Håkan IsakssonS611495,2
20Carl Alex Friis NielsenDK611494,4
21Robert Maglica (4 games)S611364,0
22Henrik SannessonS411581,6
23Hans Bugge (2 Games)N321757,5
24Andreas Carlsson (2 Games)S321569,5
25Michael Hastrup-Leth (2 Games)DK321508,0
26Matts DagerhällS321504,4
27Derek Ward (2 Games)DK311657,5
28Flemming Christensen (4 games)DK311541,5
29Eric BongiovanniF311539,6
30Martin Houmøller (2 Games)DK011623,5
31Tomas Davidsson (2 Games)S011569,5
32Göran AnderssonS011541,0
33Olivier Dietsch (2 Games)F011482,5
34Georges Tournemire (2 Games)F011393,5
ASO 2010 was a five round tournament.
*n games: The player only played n rounds.

Points: 3 points are awarded for a win, and 1 for a draw.

Tiebreaker 1: The tournament round, where the player lost his first game. A round that is not played is an automatic loss.
Tiebreaker 2 (only players who have lost at least one game): The average ASO rating, at the beginning of the tournament, of all opponents the player has played against in the tournament.
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